Putting too much emphasis on Big, Important Bike Tours can lead to feeling like the act of traveling by your own power isn’t interesting and compelling enough in itself, then feeling we have to connect the tour with something important, like a charity or “awareness”

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The other thing that interests me is trying to determine what category of “bike tourer” the person writing/drawing the remembrance falls into. It’s by no means scientific, but I broadly divide it into three categories:


When we were planning our trip, I’d admitted to Claire that I might not be a good cycling companion

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I had turned my phone off. I didn’t want it to go dead. I was worried about an emergency—like wobbling into a ditch, falling off my bike, getting all banged up, and having to spend the night on the trail somewhere with a broken leg.


A bicycle with no gears – also called Manyi g’ekifuba by the Baganda – has one speed ratio and is usually exhausting to propel forward when riding uphill since one relies mostly on their strength to move it

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Well for me, given my enthusiasm regarding exercise, I think of such a bicycle as the crème de la crème and best of the bunch.