I want my country to be clean and I am proud of what I am able to do

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Kumar attached the bin to his bicycle which has made his daily task much easier. He can now get around faster. The Bicycle Bin is a simple yet innovative idea by a common man.


The Canadian Bike Brigade (Toronto) connects non-profits and individuals with an Internet-connected army of volunteer cyclists willing to help do anything from deliver essentials to those in need, deliver food to homeless shelters, or even marshal anti-racism protests

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I pull up to the Biking Lawyer’s office and there are 5-6 other cyclists there. Outside volunteers are carrying out boxes of produce. Some are emptying the boxes into panniers, others are putting them on racks strapped down with bungee cords. I have signed up to bring five boxes with me and am disappointed when the first box comes out. I can’t even get it through the opening in the top of the trailer. But not to worry – it turns out that inside the box are plastic bags full of produce. I take the bags out and stack them inside, and five fit perfectly.